Frequently Asked Questions

Grout and Sealer for marble tiles

Q: Do you have a recommendation on the brand of grout I use with the tile?

A: We suggest a Deleorean Gray #165 which is a popular gray color grout.

Grout has to be non-sanded so it wouldn't stain the surface of the marble mosaic.

Q: Do you have a recommendation on the brand of sealer I use with the tile?

A: Sealer brands we suggest are DuPont Miracle and Aqua Mix.

Sealer has to be water based, penetrating and non-enchancing type so it wouldn't change color.

Q: Can I use the new acrylic grout with this product to avoid sealing the surface?

A: Per our on board fabricator / contractor, you certainly should be able to use the new acrylic grout when installing marble mosaic tiles.

Q: Are Carrara Marble tiles also suited for the shower tub walls? Is there only one color for the grout?

A: These Carrara White Mosaic tiles are most certainly suited for shower tub walls.

There are couple different grout colors that are popular with Carrara Marble tiles, ranging from white to dark grey.

Delorean Gray #165 is among the most popular grout colors according to our in-house designer.

Q: Does natural stone need to be sealed?

A: All natural stone surfaces need to be sealed periodically.

Marble as a natural stone also needs periodical surface sealing.

This is because marble is naturally a porous material and can absorb bacteria, food particles, and liquids that we use throughout our home.

Q: How often do I need to seal my stone?

A: This depends on how much traffic, or wear and tear, the area receives.

With properly applied sealers, the average time frame is 3-5 years.

However, with high traffic areas, it is not unheard of to reseal every year.


Q: What is honed or tumbled?

A: Tumbled looks like old stile. Honed - means Matt, not Shiny

Q: I want tiles without the backing so that I can use them as a no grout installation, do you sell any like this?

A: We sell tiles which come as individual tiles (not on a mesh or backing) so such tiles would be the ones you may be interested.

Q: Can you just please see if I can get like more of the cream ones then the more grey ones

A: I apologize, we cannot hand pick these tiles, as it is called “hand picking” in tile industry and we cannot do that. We receive them from the manufacturer and that is how we ship them. But this tile never comes as full gray. There will be a nuance of cream/beige colors mixed into the stone. Some small samples they may ship more grays. But stone itself  when you buy a larger quantity, it never comes as full gray. We know this because we supply to many of the other online sellers

Q: Can marble tiles be used outdoors?

A: Marble tile can be used outdoors for sure, those with the rough surface are most suitable.

Q: Is the carrara marble more white or more gray?

A: Signature look of the Carrara Marble is White to light gray background with gray veins / variations.


Q: How long for delivery to NYC?

A: ETA would be 3-4 business days.

Q: Do you offer free shipping or a new customer discount code?

A: We do offer free shipping for all orders for our customers.

We have a rewards system where you can get a up to 10% discount.

Q: Do you have expedited shipping?

A: Sorry, we don’t provide expedited shipping ATM.

Q: What should I do if my order comes broken?

A: Everything we ship are fully insured by our carriers.

When our customers order a larger quantity, we ship via a different carrier as opposed to USPS.

According to our policy, in the case of order broken just kindly email us at a picture of the sheet with broken piece, and we will ship you a replacement ASAP.


Q: Can I pay with cash?

A: Sorry, we accept only credit card and PayPal payments.

Please see full list of payments possibilities in the footer. 

Q: Do you have any first time buyer coupons?

A: We don't have a first time buyer coupons but we have a reward program.

And we do have lowest pricing in addition to free shipping.